“I never used to get people asking to do events, but after we rebuilt my website I get a few every week.”

— Diamond Dave, Founder



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The Diamond, Brooklyn


The New Yorker calls the Diamond, "...a neighborhood joint, with a curved mahogany bar and a shuffleboard table, complete with an abacus to tally scores, open to ironic, boozy competition."

I worked with the owner and staff to develop a website that matched the aesthetic and vibe of the Diamond both visually and functionally. The simple, single page design is straightforward and easy for the bartenders to maintain and update.


The header photo is a preview rendering of the latest mural donning the main wall by the shuffleboard table.


Since launching the site, business has increased and so have inquiries about hosting events. This is partly due to the technology we picked for the project, which is highly optimized for search engines, as well as design choices we made to draw attention to the goals we wanted our website visitors to accomplish.

Frustration over updating the site and trying to reach "the webmaster" to make changes is a thing of the past, too. Not only did we design for the outward-facing business purpose, but we implemented a solution that was sustainable in terms of cost and effort to maintain into the future.

Or to put it another way, we tried to make it easy on everyone.


The wine menu with white text over a photo of beautiful, white snow.


Working with the Diamond was really fun. Everyone who works there and some of the regulars I met throughout the course of the project have become some of my favorite people in NYC.


What we accomplished:



We migrated from a self-hosted WordPress environment maintained by a lone web developer to a popular managed platform, Squarespace, that would need less ongoing maintenance and would be easier to update for staff.



We used Design Thinking to get into the minds of our visitors and try to understand their needs and motivations. We organized site content based on the goals users would accomplish while on the site, trying to make it as easy and delightful as possible for patrons and potential customers to find information or get in touch.



We increased business and event inquiries. The goal of our project was not just to make a better website, but to help the Diamond use the web better for its business--both to make it something more sustainable to maintain and to make it better serve the marketing needs of the business.

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